Belief in God

Did you ever been in a magic show? After each event your jaw drops and you keep on thinking how it was possible. Thought continues even after the show. You assume there must be some hidden rope or hidden magnet or a secret hole on stage etc etc. If thought does not go in that direction, especially for kids, it is assumed that there must be something special in the magic stick or in the hocus pocus chant. Whatever it is, you settle down with some possible reason according to your level. If the magic is shown on street or at your home by some of your magician friend, you feel more uncomfortable, as there is very less scope to fit the logical gap. This is quite natural. As per human psychology people do not feel comfortable with unknown, uncertain or illogical things. So you try to hold something or other to meet up the logical gap in our mind.

With advancement of science we have learnt lots about the nature and universe. But lots are yet unexplored, unexplained. We get surprised when we think of these. It may be how brain work or how big is the universe or how natural balance is maintained, how live came on earth etc. We can not explain all. On the other hand for our daily life, we do not know what will happen tomorrow. Even with our best effort for most of the cases, we do not have full control of final result. So some of us think yet some unknown scientific laws and information are there, some of us think some supernatural power is there, some of us say everything done by God. I feel all are the same. All of them want fill the gap between known and unknown. All of them catch a belief according to their suitability to feel comfortable.

So if someone can keep himself comfortable by believing in God than being patient of hypertension, I feel, that is better. If someone can keep himself healthy without believing in God that is also fine. It depends on his inner psychological system. Both are perfect on their ground. Not only about the facts of supernatural power, even if for daily life if someone can keep it enjoyable by trusting on God, I feel that is useful. Even someone do some ritual to keep himself happy which does not affect others, is fine. But one thing I can not support, when either believer or non-believer forces others to follow their path or think others to be of sub-quality. Believe resides inside the mind, it can not be superimposed. External forced ritual and faith do not give the feel of comfort and therefore is of no use. So I believe that both believer and non-believer of God can be equally strong and proud of their believe system as long as they get benefit out of it and do not disturb others.


Hello world!

Starting my web blog today. This is to share my thoughts with the world and to check if any resonance is found from any corner of heart. My writing may not be valuable from literature perspective, as I don’t feel that I have the capacity to create such. Please bear with this and try to concentrate on my inner feelings, thoughts. You also know for definite that your all responses will give me a pleasure ( if you do not hurt me very crudely ), as my deeper mind will feel itself to be useful and valuable. But do not bother to put difference of opinion, because through that I shall learn something new or can judge where my thoughts stand.