Abbas is seven years old. Like others he loves his father very much. He copies his father’s gesture, posture, style. That is quite obvious. He sees his father going for job for which her mother is also very proud. His father brings foods and toys. His father takes most of the decision for their family. His father is his hero. Children learn from parents by copying. He talks like his father over phone, relax on sofa like his father. His mother told him that his father studied well and that for doing such a good job. Though he does not understand the relation, but he makes a mapping that if he recites tables well, if he remembers poems, somehow he will be like his father. So he is inspired to do study. Moreover his mother tells him to be better than his father. He knows one person to be better than his father. He is his father’s boss. One day they went to boss’s house. Seeing the house, getting the reception and observing his father’s behavior with boss, Abbas felt boss to be better person and so it is not bad to be like the boss.

One day his father returned home with frustration. That time Abbas was trying to memorize a table. Furiously his father threw his tie at one corner, sitting on sofa he was kicking on floor. He was saying so many things to his mother about his boss. Abbas could not understand these all. One thing he could understand as his father told “I would have killed boss if I had a gun with me”. Hearing that Abbas got confused, why to by heart the table, to be a killer like his father or to be killed by his father.