Management Style – past and future

Simple and raw definition of management is “get work done by others”. So definitely managerial activity would have been taken place from time when men become social animal. The way we are familiar with the term “management” it is though to think some ape is doing managerial work. Forget that prehistoric age; come to something that we are familiar. Say building the pyramids. Without a management it is not possible to guide the effort of a large number of people to a definite brilliant structure. But how was the style of management. It was slavery or a very close kind of it. There manager was interested on the outcome what he wants. Worker did not have any value. Human was almost equivalent to an animal. With time, due to revolution or some other reasons slavery went off. Worker got better human value. Manager told “do my work and get some money”. But he can use the worker as he wishes. There was no limit, there was no liability. It was as good as running an electric apparatus and paying for electric bill. Again due to revolution and some other pressure manager had to agree that worker are different than mechanical apparatuses. So workers got better shape like human.

Though there was a gross change in management style with time, but each work used to be controlled and directed by the wisdom and intuition of individual manager. Scientific thoughts and studies on management started at the end of nineteen century. Systematic approach to work, organization and hierarchy was put in place. It is mainly after world wars; value of participation of worker in an organization was felt deeply. Different theories came in forefront how to motivate and involve workers in organization processes. So management style accepted that human is different and more important resource than a machine.

Different people brought changing thoughts to management process. They tried their ideas experimentally and came to some conclusion. People learned from each other and changed their habits and processes. So management style kept on changing for betterment. There were no such definite dates for those changes. But things that came in mind to the leaders were experimented and then implemented and then become a habit. After some time when the habit becomes more pervasive then it turned to be a law or rule.

With time human value of worker has been increased in management style. Now a day employees are being given health insurance, travel allowance, kid’s education allowance. These are the evidence of giving higher importance to human resource on other aspect of life. If you consider the motivational theories they all based on the social, family, psychological needs of human.

I feel due to scientific approach management process has reached its height. When people apply Six Sigma, which is 99.999% accuracy, it is definitely quite high and we never dream to reach that level in other activities in our life. I can remember in our Physics lab in college we could not reach the 99% accuracy on same old experiment even with senior’s workbook in hand.

So where will we be moving in future? What will be the changes in management style? To understand the possible change let us find what are the things we are missing now-a-days? As I observed, we are different identity in our work and in our personal life. We are not supposed to mix those up. Can you say to your supervisor that “ today I had a fight with my spouse and after that I had to spent 3 hours to make the things normal and I got late in office” ? But we all know that it is a common and natural event, which happens to everyone of us. Can you take a few days off when your girlfriend/ boyfriend leave you? We can understand the emotional situation but we do not respect the fact in workplace. Can your manager ever ask you “are you happy in life? Do you need any help?” It is not the etiquette, but you always feel if there was a good friend to share. This dual role creates contradiction in a human and this builds up tension and dissatisfaction. You can not give your best under this environment. Your emotional values are not considered. Extrapolating the change of management style that happened in past days, this is the area where our future management will definitely consider. Emotional part of human worker need to be considered more in our future management style to give worker comfort feeling along with his rest of the part of his life. As far as the management process is concerned the strict process and methodologies gives worker a mechanical feeling. As a basic nature, human do not like that. If a little flexibility and scope of creativity is allowed work becomes more interesting. Agile management technique is becoming more successful and popular than the traditional methodologies, though it is not so perfectionist. This trend is supposed to get enhancement and importance in future, as it emphasizes the human quality which is superior to machine. You can definitely make lots of argue. I do not know how and when things will take place, but have a strong feeling that it will happen. It is the natural trend. May be if we accept the natural fact and refine our thoughts it will happen earlier and earlier will be better for mankind.

I dream and management style where workers will be attached to the organization like supporter of a soccer team.


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