Reasoning and Judgment

All through the world Science subjects are considered most important subjects in school. Out of these Math is the most. Because we like reasoning and we love to learn reasoning. For a mathematical problem there is a strong reasoning and we reach same result all the time whenever we do it. Reasoning is required in life, but the way we are brought up, we learn that there is a single answer to every question. With the changing examination type towards objective type the impression is getting farm to the student’s mind. But is life like that? In our life for most of the cases we need to do balance. We need to find an optimum solution, be it personal life or in office. It need quality of judging, which is not taught in childhood. I feel, that is the dark part of our education system which is causing lots of trouble in our social life.

For reasoning we need some logical blocks. If we know how to put the logical blocks properly, we can reach single and the only possible solution. But judgment depends on value system and application of the values for the problem. When we do reasoning we are pretty sure about the single solution and we need not be open to hear others. But if we consciously do judgment we know that there may be alternative solutions and we become open to listen to others. While judging, we know that your decision may not be the ultimate perfect one and there is always a risk of error associated with the decision, which we need to bear. If we put wrong logic we reach a wrong solution, but we become confident about the solution. When you prefer wrong value in judgment, you know different people may have different preference in judgment. Normally logics are specific to a domain and so have less influence in other domain. But influences of value system in judgments are wider. So once we learn from mistake, if it is a judgment it changes value system and influences wider future activities. This is called experience. That’s for experience is always given higher preference in life even not in the same domain.

Due to our over emphasis on reasoning in our childhood we tend to believe that whatever decision we take are based on reasoning, but lots actually are judgments. We do not know how to take a judgmental decision systematically and our value system is not strong and clear to us. So on illusion of decision based on reasoning we become overconfident on our decision as we think it to be the only solution. We close our ear to hear others as we think this is based on strong reasoning. We always feel fear about the incorrectness of our decision as we feel that this proves lack of our knowledge and logical incompetence.  If our decision is really proven to be wrong, we get a great shock as we were not open about the risk of the decision.

It is tougher to build value system and to teach to make judgment. But it has a better utility in life. Waiting for a time, when our education system will teach us to be a better human than a mere scientist.


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