Right to influence not to force

Things do not go as we hope. Our kids do not listen to us, our spouses quarrel with us, our colleagues do not follow our instructions.  It seems the world is having full of opposite opinion with us. To make everything proper we need to slap our kids, raise the tone against spouse, threaten our colleague. What it results is our tension, dissatisfaction. We really do not want to be so harsh, but what else can we do? The rough attitude becomes part of our life and seems to be a disease.

 There is a suggestive medicine for this. Definitely this is not the only one and it does not equally effective on everyone. As it works for some people, you can try to check whether it suits you or not.

 You need to align others with your wishes, your dreams, your thoughts. There is no ambiguity that you will be happy only if it happens. You have to try for that. But develop a belief that to align others you have the right to influence but not to force. It may be little bit tough at initial days but cautious reminding at back of your mind during all interaction it becomes easier. So what are the things to do to influence? You are absolutely free. Do whatever you feel to be effective. Play with your kids, flatter your spouse, build personal relations with your colleagues. But keep one thing in mind. If you see that one of your methods of influence is not working, do not blame and charge them, why they are not getting influenced. This is again forcing. Rather think a bit and change your influencing technique. It needs little creativity and thinking. As you are playing deliberately and consciously the tactics with definite goal in mind, you anger will be much controlled and you will enjoy your life better with better success of other’s alignment with you.


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