Unnatural we

There are always some differences between two similar animals or plants. Two kittens of same mother are little different. Walking styles of two tigers are different. Two branches of same kind of trees are different. However similar it may seem, if seen minutely even twin brothers also have some differences. Creating this difference is the basic feature of nature. May be that’s for our nature is so beautiful so interesting. Otherwise it would have been monotonous. Darwin shown that, this difference in creation leaded to so many species in nature.

 But most of us in most of the time forget to respect this basic rule of nature. If someone does not agree with us on some issue we become angry. If our son or daughter listen some modern song that we do not like, we shout on them. If our mother or grandmother is talking about spirituality, we think it to be disgusting. We do not keep good impression about our colleague, who supports the other political party. See the other side – we chose your education stream same as our cousin brother who is successful in his carrier. We expected our spouse to be of similar nature of our brother or sister. We expected our kid to be similar like his/her class topper.

 If we try to give one orange shape of another orange with a knife, only thing that will result is the juice of the orange will be drained out. If we put little more attention to understand, variation to be the basic rule of nature, we can stop drainage of juice. If we accept this basic rule; disagreement, mismatches will not look so much painful and we can have more peaceful life.


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