Emotional Blackmail

Sometime back one day we had one day motivational workshop in our office. Some people from some management consultant firm came for the camp. A large number of people from our office had to attend the session. In a tea break discussion one of my colleagues told that “I do not believe in these. By these management wants to make us sentimental and want to get our best work at cheap price. These are emotional blackmail. I want to see whether I am getting hike or not. Nothing else motivates me. I am working for money. More you pay money I shall have more interest in work.” It reminded me some old events of my life. I am sharing with you. I do not know who is right who is wrong.

 At beginning of my career I used to work in a government office. Proactive action, motivation etc was valueless there. There used to be fixed increment depending on number of years of service. There was no chance of loosing job if someone does not do a big blunder. You can imagine the work environment. We had individual tables and we used to get our tea and water supply on our table. There was some office boy to do the supply. There was a culture to give some tips to the boys every month to get tea hot and to keep glass always filled up. When I joined a man named “Ratan” started to give me service. Normally people used to call these boys by name. I used to call Ratan as “Ratanbabu”. In our area “babu” is attached after the name to give respect. He was much elder than me. When he used to bring tea for me or fill my glass, I used to say “thank you”, however busy I am. After some day, to my wonder, I found a paper napkin was being given to me along with tea, which is very special and only for me. After some more days I realized that my workplace is cleaner than others. Though came to my mind that being a new person, may be Ratan was giving good service with expectation of better tips. I tried to get information from my other colleagues how much they give as tips. At the end of month one day I offered a note to Ratan. He shrank like anything and told me that he is doing his duty, not for tips, he can not take that. I did not force to keep his dignity. I got the same service without any tips as long as I was there. Now I think, did I do emotional blackmail.


2 thoughts on “Emotional Blackmail

  1. Your article was a very nice read. It simply amazed me the way you have expressed a rainbow of thoughts through a simple example that you had come across in your life.
    Emotional Blackmail…the title was thought provoking as well…I totally agree with you that you get the best of any person when you treat the other person with equal dignity and importance.
    You have a point.
    Keep more like this coming, I have already subscribed to your feed.

    • Like all others I also kept on receiving streams of input from my surrounding along my journey of life. Those are the water and air and light and storm for my thought tree. When the tree produces some odd fruit, I do not know which door to approach to sell. I am keeping those on roadside. I am happy if someone has a look on it and I am proud if someone tells me the fruit to be testy. Your comment is encouraging and thanks for that.

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